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TECNOSeguro homepageSince its inception in early 2009, TECNOSeguro.com has become the key and impartial information and promotion platform for the electronic security industry in Latin America by capturing and exploiting all the advantages of the new online media. Compared to traditional means of promotion and marketing, it has tools such as:

  • Continuous improvement of return on investment (ROI). Since the content is accumulable, it creates a long-term and increasing exposure of the content, something that cannot be achieved by physical or printed medias.
  • "Pull" Marketing strategy, not "Push". Our traffic comes from people who type specific keywords on Google and other search engines, or interested professionals who have previously registered through our newsletters. Those buyers and designers come to us to make a purchase or specify a business. The latter is clearly different from trying to sell something to an audience waiting for them to buy or specify a business.
  • Effective measurement. The key to online marketing is the measurement, qualification and quantification, which enables a detailed ROI, and a market analysis versus the marketing cost.
How you can benefit from this huge platform?

We have three cost-effective eMarketing solutions especially designed to promote your company, its services and products. (eMarketing Packages for Manufacturers, Distributors and Integrators)


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